Simple & Efficient

Building and Deploying scalable cloud solutions

Our goal is to provide simple, beautiful, and effective software solutions your company will enjoy using. We are able to handle application development from designing to deploying your services to cloud with full efficiency.


You can hire our developers as a team or individual, depends on your needs.

We believe in teamwork, building relationship and continuous improvement. While not yet assigned to any project, we are doing trainings, skills and coding styles synching.


Speed and performance of Go and Node.js for your core API service and microservices.

The microservice approach to division is different, splitting up into services organized around business capability. Such services take a broad-stack implementation of software for that business area, including user-interface, persistant storage, and any external collaborations.


React.js, building frontend applications with composable components.

Our web and mobile application development expertise is in the enterprise category. Secured and authenticated applications, enabled to do various third-party integrations and high performance applications.


We love Kubernetes

We can handle other ways of deploying applications and services in Google Cloud, AWS, Azure and other cloud providers but we believe that containerized applications being managed and orchestrated by Kubernetes is the most efficient and scalable right now.


Take a look at our clients.

We aim to help companies from all over the globe create the best applications they can — from enterprise corporations, venture-backed startups, to bootstrapped companies, we love creating applications you'll enjoy.

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